Dr. Shannon Patterson, a Vancouver based Chiropractor, has studied extensively with Dr. Yannick Pauli, a Functional Neurology expert,  and is excited to offer her BC Brain Wellness Program at The Adjusting Room Chiropractic & Wellness here in the heart of New Westminster, BC. Canada

We are now accepting New Brain Wellness Patients!

Brain Wellness Patients are seen by appointment only, and can be seen outside regular office hours. For more information on BC Brain Wellness or to schedule your initial appointment, please email us or call us at 604-521-9531

The Adjusting Room                                  
432 Eighth St.
New Westminster, BC.

Phone:  604.521.9531
Fax:        604.521.9648

Regular Office Hours

Monday:         ————–      3pm-6pm
Tuesday:        8am-11am    3pm-6pm
Thursday:     8am-11am     3pm-6pm

BC Brain Wellness also hosts regular information workshops and movement/ yoga classes designed to heal and strengthen your brain.
The next free information workshop will be Monday January 30th at 6:45pm
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