What To Expect

At BC Brain Wellness we believe that one size does not fit all.  We conduct extensive testing to determine what approach to care best suits yours or your child’s needs, desires and goals for better health.

You will be given in depth history forms to fill out prior to your first appointment. This may involve obtaining additional information from parents, teachers, support workers or others involved in yours or your child’s overall health care.  You may also be asked to complete a food diary over a period of time to assess your general nutritional status.

On your first appointment following a review of your history your examination may include the following:

On your second appointment we will review our findings with you and develop a customized program based on these findings.

The exciting steps start next as we guide you through your journey to Brain Wellness.  You, and your brain, are capable of more greatness and possibilities than you realize.  Why not take the next step? Find out more below, or contact us today to make an appointment.