Our Team

032_Dr. Shannon Patterson, a New Westminster and Vancouver based Chiropractor, is excited to offer a wellness based approach to brain health through the body at her clinic, The Adjusting Room Chiropractic and Wellness.  Shannon believes your brain is capable of thriving not just surviving as evidenced by neuroplasticity research and she uses this knowledge to integrate a customized brain program for you or your child depending on the results of her testing as well as your personal goals and aspirations.

With the rise in neurodevelopmental disorders such as ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia, the increased awareness of head injury and our aging population, Dr. Shannon felt a huge pull to provide a natural approach to care in this area.  With a passion for natural, non-pharmaceutical approaches, she developed a BC Brain Wellness Program to help aid anyone with neurological needs. Dr. Shannon has studied extensively with various experts in the field of childhood and adult neurodevelopmental disorders including, but not limited to Dr. Yannick Pauli, a Swiss Chiropractor and Functional Neurology expert.

Whether you are looking to optimize your already healthy brain or looking for natural approaches to managing neurobehavioral disorders, Dr. Shannon is here to serve you.


Kimberley Turner, a Body-Based Bdsc_8440rain Coach and Yoga Teacher, assists Dr. Shannon throughout your exam process. Kimberley will provide support through your or your child’s personalized  brain program as outlined by Dr. Shannon. This may involve Interactive Metronome training, strengthening core and vestibular processes, postural training and so much more. Kimberley has seen time and time again how effective Brain Coaching can be and has even added it to her regular yoga and movement classes. Together with Dr. Shannon, Kimberley looks forward to supporting you through this process.

As Einstein once said, “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”