Other Brain Conditions

Here at BC Brain Wellness, we help all brains. And like any parts of our body, the brain can be damaged… it can also be healed.

Brain healing is highly subjective depending on the nature and severity of the brain injury; you will see positive forward growth and healing but you may not see full recovery to your brain as it was pre-injury. The important thing to remember is that Neuroplasticity states that the brain is capable of healing, repairing and changing your entire life. Having a brain injury is not a life sentence and we are here to help you get better.

The growing awareness of the long term effects of concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries have brought about great changes in how the medical profession handles them. Equipment improvements and concussion protocols have evolved as a result of this newfound awareness. Still, millions of Canadians are impacted by concussions every year and find their brain just isn’t the same anymore. If you are finding you have impaired focus, dizziness, repetitive migraines or growing balance/ coordination problems, these may be a sign of impaired brain function due to unresolved concussions. Take note if your child has experienced a head injury as often the impact will show up months later and can even result in behavioral/ emotional and social difficulties.

In Canada a stroke happens every 10 minutes. Nine in ten Canadians have at least one risk factor for stroke and they are occurring now in younger and younger populations. If you are concerned about a risk of stroke, there are easy lifestyle changes you can take to minimize your health risks. Brain Wellness doesn’t only have to be healing an already injured brain; you can take preventative measures that can easily adapt into your current lifestyle. We regularly run Workshops to keep you informed on ways to strengthen, heal and give yourself the best life possible.

Dementia is on the rise. In Canada approximately 1.1 million people are directly or indirectly affected by the disease and it is costing us approximately $10.4 billion. The emotional costs of those whose loved ones are experiencing dementia cannot be measured. The list can go on for all the problems we can have with our brains – Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and migraines to name a few- and if you want to see greater brain health in the long term, medicating the symptoms are not the only answer. Your brain and body are always trying to tell you what’s going on to help you heal. There are many other options to improve your health and well-being and here at BC Brain Wellness. We use a variety of innovative approaches to help you optimize brain function regardless of your condition. Your brain is capable of change…discover how!